Hair Care

Who doesn’t want great hair? Relooking Goa offers a wide variety of hair styling as well as hair care treatments. At Relooking Goa we have hair experts and stylists who make sure that your hair stays composed and healthy.

Hair Styling

We don’t simply cut the hair, but we also restyle it with more advance haircuts and global colors, highlights, low-lights, styling curls, out curls, baliage, ombre, hair perming etc. We offer complete hair makeovers for any occasion, imbibing great confidence in you.

Hair Treatments

Hair damage and hair loss have become one of the prime reasons of concern lately. It may have been caused due to lots of factors such as stress, diet, pollution and also heat. At Relooking Goa, our hair spa offers numerous hair care and treatment procedures such as cysteine, keratin, hair botox, rebalancing etc.

Our unique anti-hair fall and anti-dandruff treatments have been proved effective and are widely recommended by our customers.

Skin Care

A good daily skin care routine is essential for maintaining a healthy looking, fresh skin, but every once in a while we need to leave it to the professionals and get a facial treatment. There are many types of facial treatments, and choosing the one you need depends on your skin type and skin issues. Some are highly moisturizing, others are firming and restoring, while some focus on problem areas and certain skin conditions. At Relooking Goa we have variety of skin care and facial treatments.

Facials lighten complexion, detoxifies giving skin, giving face refreshed look and glow. Anti pigmentation treatments lighten skin tone, balances the uneven skin tone and lightens the blemishes. Age-defying facials pump up the fine line and wrinkles, lift drooping skin imparts glow and revive the skin.

At Relooking, we have a variety of facial treatments such as acne treatments, age-defying treatments, lypo-lifting treatments, double chin treatments, pigmentation treatments as well as skin lightening treatments.

Royal Javanese Ritual

It is a stress-lowering aroma body massage which is followed by lower body scrub & Yogurt body conditioner treatment. It exfoliates, tightens & deodorizes the skin.

Other Services

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